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Pregnancy, baby & family

Here you can find out everything about wanting a child, pregnancy and parental leave.


Here you will learn the best tips to get pregnant and what you should pay attention to.


Find out here what is healthy during pregnancy and what you should better avoid.


From the clinic bag to the postpartum, you will get all the information you need about childbirth and birth preparation here.


The baby is here! Find out here what you need for the first equipment and which recipes are suitable for solids.


Looking for inspiration for the nursery or want to know which toys are the most popular? Here you will find everything about happy family life.

Becoming parents

Probably the most beautiful event in the world! Everything you need to know about the time in the belly and getting to know each other afterwards and how to be perfectly prepared.


Family stands for harmony, love and security. Learn valuable tips to master the time with the family perfectly and to lead a harmonious life together.


The exciting nine months in the belly are probably the most exciting for an expectant mother. Now begins the time of preparation, so that everything is perfect when the baby comes.

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Growing You: Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

Your pregnancy story is a special one. Document your most precious moments from this season of life in this elegant keepsake journal and memory book.

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The Fourth Trimester Cards: Daily Support, Inspiration, and Wisdom for New Mothers

Practical advice, tips, and inspiration for new mothers in an easy-to-access card deck.

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The first solid food - How to make the transition successfully

In this special, you’ll find out everything you need to know about changing your baby’s diet. We’ll show you how to make the transition successfully and how to make the first solid foods part of everyday life. Looking for inspiration? Then you’ll also find great recipe suggestions for the first solid food to make yourself.

About this blog

Pregnancy, bonding and family

In the life of every woman, pregnancy and birth are a very special period. But the time of pregnancy and becoming a parent is also something very special for the dad-to-be. Already from a biological and evolutionary point of view, it is anchored as a deep desire and firm goal in us humans to have children. Statistically, women between the ages of 20 and 30 have the highest probability of becoming pregnant. At the birth of the first child, the woman is on average 30 years old, the man 34 years old.

Especially the few weeks before the birth are exciting and characterized by intense anticipation and excitement. This is when the expectant mom should start thinking concretely about childbirth, because she has a variety of options available to her. While some women prefer a cesarean section, others want to experience the birth to the fullest.

Once the baby is born, everything suddenly changes for the new family: the parents’ desire for rest and sleep meets the “round-the-clock care” for the baby. But this exciting togetherness is also the most beautiful and intimate time to get to know and love each other.

Maternity Belt

The bump support belt reduces the pressure on the back of pregnant women, reduces the vibration of activities and stabilizes the position.

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